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To Whom it may concern,                                                               3-1-16


    I highly recommend Don Dickson and his team at Triple R Mitigation. I have used Don and Triple R many times for radon and mold mitigation services as well as general remodeling/rehab projects on properties ranging from small homes less than $200,000 to properties well over $1 million. Don and his team have excelled at all times and have exceeded my expectations in regards to service and efficiency. 

Don and Triple R Mitigation are my first and only call when I require these services in my real estate transactions as well as new construction projects.

Mike Schlauch

Sales Agent, SU Platinum Properties and co-founder of SBC, Inc.,

Bozeman, MT


   Of the three certified radon mitigation installers in the Bozeman area, I have found Triple R to be the best and the most consciencious to work with. We have tested several of Don's radon systems and have found, he not only builds clean looking systems, but they prefprm in a manner which have gotten down the radon levels well below the mandatory 4.0 pCi/l. As an example, the last home we tested showed levels at 97 pCi/l and his system was tested at 2.3 pCi/l, after only 24 hours. I always take the time to look at the system I'm testing and have gotten to know the techniques of the diffrent contractors. I can usually tell who installed the system by the type of material used and the pipe configuration. By looking at Don's systems, he obviously takes the time to get the system right the first time saving me the aggrivation of retesting. We have had the pleasure of woring with Triple R on several homes of all price ranges from the Pulfrey's Autumn Ridge residence and other upper end homes to moderate Bozeman and Belgrade homes and our experience has always been the same. Triple R has proven to be a consistently professional operation and a pleasure to deal with. 





Nicholas J. Tomasetti CBI / CHI

Bozeman, MT

To Whom It May Concern,


I have known and worked with Don for several years.


Our firm provides real estate inpections. Often our work is provided to a home buyer prior to the final commitment to purchase. And during our visits, we may discover issues within a structure that may want to be repaired or maintained before the new owner takes possesion.


Don has been involved in several of these issies which have included mold remediation and moisture dispersal/ventilation challenges. I have complete confidence in knowledge and abilities. I also appreciate greatly his willingness to step in and "make things happen" within the context of time sesitive commitments between the buyer and the seller.


As a radon remediator, I belive he is at the top of the pile.


Pam and I just finished a major remodel on an older farm home. We had high radon levels and wanted to mediate them in a thorough and complete way. We wanted to create a particulary clean enviornment for ourselves.


Our situation was challenging in that we took an exsisting full basement foundation and added a crawl sopace at the north west corner of the structure. Don heard our concerns, designed a system to make us "clean". and installed the system on budget and on our schedule.


The results were impressive. Our follow up testing comprised six seperate tests. All six were less than 0.3 pico curies per liter. Enough Said!


Steve Jacoby

Pristine Inspections, LLC

Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman, MT

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